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The truth revealed.


Have you ever wondered or thought about any of these questions?

Which religion is the real genuine truth?

Is my faith and religion based on the real full truth?

Who is the real living creator of all?

Is there a creator?

If you have ever considered any of these questions, even for a moment, think about this.

Most of us believe in the things we believe in, cause we were programmed to do so. Our parents or

friends taught us so, cause that is what they believed, cause their parents taught them so, cause that

was what they believed, cause their parents….

You get the picture.

This is exactly where I was a few years ago. I came to the realization that I believed what I believed

because that was what I was taught/programmed to believe.

I started having serious doubts about my religion as a result of this and things that happened in my life.

I was brought up as a so called “Christian” but when I realized how we are “programmed” by what our

parents believe I started thinking;

What if Jesus was not the Messiah as I was taught to believe?

What if he did not conquer the grave but was merely a prophet?

What if the faith of the orthodox Jews is the truth?

What if my Hindu friends are correct in what they believe?

What if my Buddhist friends are correct in what they believe?

What if my Jain friends are correct in what they believe?

What if my atheist friends are correct?

What if my Muslim friends are correct in what they believe? Their scriptures are so similar to what I have been taught.

Have I wasted my whole life so far trying to understand and connect to a god that does not exist?

These doubts kept on haunting me until I had a super-natural experience in April 2009. That day will be

etched into my mind and spirit for eternity because of the significance and mind boggling impact of the

sheer display of power. By grace the only true God and Creator was revealed to me.


So, do you want to know the truth?

You don’t have to believe me, but take a few minutes to read what happened to me on that day in April

2009. Then decide for yourself.

Well, this is what happened to me in April 2009.

As I mentioned I had been battling with all kinds of unanswered questions in my life. So I went on a search to try and find the truth....

I did a lot of praying, my prayers often being addressed to “the real true God and creator of the universe”, in case the God I had

been praying to all my life was not the real living God.

In April 2009 my search had led me to a farm in KZN, South Africa, where a massive religious gathering was being held.

There I met a guy called Andreas who had such a nice personality that we became friends on the spot. We sat talking about

religion for almost a whole afternoon.

In the afternoon of 24 April 2009  all the people attending the event came together for a praise and worship session, and I

experienced a sensation I had never felt before. It was like we were all covered by an impenetrable blanket of love,

protecting us from any danger. It was a feeling of peace that I had never felt before. That night I slept like a baby for the first time

in many years, even though I was sleeping on the floor of a tent.


The following morning, Saturday, 25 April 2009 we had another praise and worship meeting. This time I felt a very distinct

presence. Almost like the feeling you get when there is someone behind you, staring at you, only, this was different in that the

presence was not behind me but all around me. It dawned on me that I was at last feeling the presence of the true God. 

I went down on my knees and suddenly I became aware of all my faults, all the wrongs I had been doing. I became acutely

aware of my insignificance in the universe and how I failed by trying to be in control of my life. I also became aware of how

important my possessions and my family were to me.


Then I prayed to the real God and begged Him to forgive me for all the wrongs. I asked Him to forgive me my pride as I

realized how insignificant I was. I also pledged that from that moment on I would surrender all I had to Him, including my money,

my work, all my possessions, even my wife and my children, and that He could do with them as He saw fit. I declared that from

that moment on He would always come first, and that I will never serve any other.


The praise and worship then started, and I joined in with the singing like never before in my life. The weird thing was that,

although I was singing and really enjoying it, knowing that I had at last connected with the real creator God, the tears just kept

on streaming down my cheeks. This was very weird for me as I was not an emotional person at all. It just did not make sense to

me that my eyes could be filled with tears while I was busy rejoicing, but the tears just kept on going, almost like I was being

cleansed from inside, all the junk being washed out.


And Then The Truth!

Late that day I walked to a quiet spot away from the other people to pray, but could not really find the words to explain to God what

I wanted to tell Him. Instead I just started crying till all the words were gone. At that very moment a super bright light appeared out

of nowhere, a little distance in front of me. It was many times brighter than the sun and it puzzled me that a light, this bright did not

hurt my eyes. 

Then I realized that the outline of the light source was the shape of a man in a robe. At the same time I became

aware of a feeling of inner peace, of not having a care in the world, with such intensity that there are no words to describe it with.


I immediately knew, with absolute certainty, who was standing in front of me. Then a voice, more powerful than any loud speaker I

have ever heard, but at the same time carrying all the gentleness in the world erupted inside my body. Though I heard it so vividly

the sound did not come in via my ears but actually seemed to originate inside my own body. It was similar to what you feel when

you stand next to a big sub-woofer speaker. You actually feel the sound in your chest.


What did He say? Only 4 words were spoken in my mother tongue. “Charl, dit is Jesus.” Translated to English. “Charl, it is Jesus.”

Have you ever felt love so intense that it actually seems to manifest physically, so concentrated you can actually touch it and feel

it with your hand. I know you can not possibly understand what I am trying to explain, but I am simply unable to express in any

human language, how intense His love is for us. He then covered me with some kind of impenetrable fabric. It had one small hole

in it, the size of a pin prick. 

God the Father then came past, and the little bit of His glory and power that filtered through that little pin hole was so immense

that it knocked me, face down, flat to the ground. When I pushed myself up to my knees I saw that I was alone again.


Three things remained after this encounter.

The first thing is that I am still experiencing His peace.

The second thing is that I suddenly had a wealth of spiritual knowledge that I never had before. 

It was like the knowledge that was contained in a stack of books reaching right into

heaven, had been dumped into my mind in a matter of seconds.

To this day, a year and a half later people ask me questions that I am able to answer

immediately, only to realize that before the day He appeared to me, I did not know the answers

to those questions.

The third thing is that I have been experiencing real miracles in my life since that day.


Why don’t you go on your knees and in sincerity and humility, ask the true God to reveal the truth to you and to put the conviction into your soul about who He really is. If He did it for me, He will also do it for you?


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He gave me another chance to find him and it took me the best of 15 years, cause no one ever explained it to me properly.
Please, this is serious! You may not have 15 years! You may not have 15 days. In fact, you may not even have a single day left,

cause you don't know when you are going to die!
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All Glory and Honor to Jesus.